The EASY FORCE SYSTEM is an innovative product of SKG in the realm of screwdrivers.

Our innovative system combines all well-known and proven product benefits of the SKG PROFI COMFORT LINE and the T-handle PROFI-LINE.

Maximal torque (by loosening and tightening) can be transmitted symmetrically. The optimised T-handle (EASY FORCE line) enables further power transmission to be achieved even in tight spaces.

The EASY FORCE system reveals its advantages by laterally constricted spaces. Hence, with our innovation a much higher force can be transmitted. Another product convenience is the newly integrated colour control system taken from the PROFI COMFORT LINE.

Therefore, a combination with the EASY FORCE system is lucid and instantly possible. After the torque peak in combination with the innovative T-handle has been reached, the ergonomic advantages of the PROFI COMFORT LINE can be profited from as usual.

Since the blade point is centred in the screw and the contact pressure can be transmitted optimally due to our innovative system, the CAM OUT- effect is minimised when working with our tool. 

Of course, we offer the pluses of our innovation for the well-proven VDE-screwdrivers as well. The EASY FORCE VDE system makes it possible to achieve torque amplification even with live-line working. Optimal safety is achieved through water bath tests according to DIN EN 60900 (IEC 900) which guarantee an effective working process at voltage up to 1000 volts AC and 1500 volts DC. Therefore, the new EASY FORCE VDE system stands for safety and reliability.

Thus, EASY FORCE VDE offers safe and ergonomic working on live parts. Profit from effortless, tireless work and decreased CAM OUT- effect  by the means of precise power transmission!




VDE system handle
insulated up to 1.000V AC, GS proved
system handle

EASY FORCE screwdriver system

VDE electrician-slot screwdriver
isolated up to 1.000V AC, GS proved
VDE electrician-PH screwdriver
isolated up to 1.000V AC, GS proved
VDE electrician-PZ screwdriver
isolated up to 1.000V AC, GS proved
VDE electrician-TORX© screwdriver
isolated up to 1.000V AC, GS proved
VDE electrician-socket screwdriver
isolated up to 1.000V AC, GS proved
workshop-slot screwdriver
PH screwdriver
PZ screwdriver
inner TORX© screwdriver
socket screwdriver


EASY FORCE workshop system set
EASY FORCE VDE electrician system set

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