The hexagon- screwdriver lines PROFI COMFORT LINE WOOD and COMFORT LINE WOOD plus combine functionality and ergonomic design with proven SKG quality.

Their outstanding feature is the optimal torque transmission, even with oily and wet hands.

The series COMFORT LINE WOOD plus is equipped with an additional massive impact cap, specially manufactured  to protect the wooden handle. Unprecise hammer blows are absorbed, which significantly contributes to the screwdriver's longevity.

The impact cap is made of impact resistant tool steel and is optimally adapted to the handle shape.  The blade is continuously connected to the impact cap so that impact energy can be transmitted to the blade point without loss.




COMFORT LINE HOLZ plus with impact cap

Art.-Nr. 111SK
allen wrench-slot screwdriver with impact cap
Art.-Nr. 113SK
allen wrench-PH screwdriver with impact cap
Art.-Nr. 115SK
allen wrench-PZ screwdriver with impact cap

All dimension and sizes please refer to actually brochure


Art.-Nr. 111
allen wrench-slot screwdriver
Art.-Nr. 113PH
allen wrench-PH screwdriver
Art.-Nr. 113PZ
allen wrench-PZ screwdriver
Art.-Nr. 211
allen wrench-slot screwdriver
Art.-Nr. 213
allen wrench-PH screwdriver
Art.-Nr. 267
awl with impact cap
Art.-Nr. 269
reamer with impact cap
Art.-Nr. 367
awl with plastic handle
Art.-Nr. 369
reamer with plastic handle

All dimension and sizes please refer to actually brochure


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